Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy refers to our F1 Delayed Live Timing Chrome extension.

Why we collect data

We attempt to minimise the requests from the chrome extension to our servers by packaging as much within the extension as possible. However, to ensure the proper functioning of the extension, the extension does need to fetch some data. This is currently limited to data relating to the track map. During this interaction process with our servers, we collect personal data for logging and security purposes.

What data we collect

The personal data we collect includes:

How we protect your data and keep it secure

We are committed to doing all we can to keep your data secure. We have set up systems to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your data - for example, we protect your data using varying levels of encryption.

We do not share any data we collect with third parties.

How to opt out

In the future, we will be adding a feature to disable remote communication with our servers from within the extension. For the time being, you can deny permission for the extension to access in the extension's settings. We have done our best to minimise the impact on the user experience, but this will prevent you from getting the latest track maps, so this is not recommended.

Last Updated: 23/03/2022